The struggle


Someday I'll miss this. Someday I'll miss this. 

I swear, I just get an area tidy and organized and my girls swoop in and the tidy goes to chaos quicker than a wink. Even when they do clean up, it's never in the way I just organized it.  Of course I want them to read, create and do life here, but perhaps waiting an hour or two to invade the space I tidy wouldn't be too much to ask? It seems like every Christmas I am trying to get them to tidy the original mess so we can take out the Christmas mess.  It never really happens and then there's mess everywhere and I can't even deal.  The meme comes to mind, "Christmas magic is really a mom who loved her kids so much."  So true.  And so I carry on and send my fellow "December is overwhelming" parents out there a brownie, because chocolate helps everything.

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