Maine 4-H Days Continued

 I wish I was organized enough to put in one place allllll the classes my kids have gotten to do at Maine 4-H Days over the years. It's been MANY.  Many good ones too, as evidenced by my kids remembering and mentioning things they've learned over the years. 

Here's a glimpse: 

Their fave part is the freedom to get to their classes via bikes and scooters. My big kids are so independent that I hardly see them during the day.


Audra's classes: Paint a barn quilt, Training search and rescue dogs (which she did with real dogs), showing horses (which she got to do) and Wildlife science. 
Adrian did tractor safety, worked in the sawmill and in the forge with the blacksmith, did horse carting and did a session called 'Claim your Future', which was sort of like an adulting game for teens.

Anna-Kate got to do Needle felting, engineering, historical exploration and she also painted a barn quilt. 

I taught papermaking. 

Plus there's always a service activity. We filled bags with toiletries for shelters.
There's no exhaustion like the end of a full 4-H day.  We (again) were the only reps from York County. There's no where you can get fun like this for $40 per family.  We'd love to bring lots of friends next year!  

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