My waver

He had me post on facebook an announcement to his morning waving folks so they know that he'll be off. 

I posted this, and he received hundreds of likes and comments on our town page! 

The waving man wants his regulars to know that tomorrow is his last day for a bit because he gets to visit his grandpa for three + weeks.
Hanging with him while he waves proves how well he knows his regulars. "OH, she's with her husband today, they usually drive separately ", "She'll be back soon, it's a quick daycare run. ", and my favorite, "I'm concerned their inspection is way past due."
May you feel seen and cared about, because you are by a special 12 year old boy! Beep a little extra tomorrow, he's a little sad he'll be missing his regulars for so long. Rest assured, he'll be back!

He spends a solid two hours waving to folks driving to work each workday. We get recognized wherever we go in town because of him.  His regulars deliver him gifts too! 

(His reflector vest was a waving friend's delivery)
Look at the little welded man. It's statue of Adrian waving in his vest! 
And fifty bucks for Amazon! 

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