Audra turns 11!


10 and a HALFTENNine and a HALF, NineEight and a HALF,   Eight,Seven and a HALFSeven ,Six and a halfSix ,Five, 4 1/2,  Here's 4 , 3 1/23 years, 2 1/2 years2 years 18 months,  12 months,  9 months?  6 months?  3 months?  Just being born

Happy 11th Birthday Audra! 

4th of July Firecracker, you live up to your name! 

You've been planning for months the menu for your big day (BLTs, Fruit salad, Corn on the Cob, Chips and a triple layer chocolate cake with frosting.) Your fave meal! 

Your most favorite thing in all the world are two things: People and animals. You love your people with your whole heart. You are thoughtful, giving and try to be really good friend.  Day to day life is so very hard for you, but you will push every single ounce of you to put your best foot forward when you are with friends.  Your animals are your love. They comfort you, motivate you and organize you.  You are never, ever mean to your animals. You love them so. 

You are very creative when you decide to create.  You have a variety of craft interests and tend to hyperfocus for a time and then take a long pause before returning. That's generally how you tend to do things: either a lot or not at all, but you like audiobooks consistently. 

One of your most favorite foods is eggs.  You would eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let you. 

Your most fave activity is swimming. It's so organizing for you. You could care less what the temp is.  You're ready to jump in even if it's frigid.  Your other new activity is disc golfing with dad.

When life is a mess, your new go to is piano. I love how you fill the house with hymns. 

With birthday money, you plan on buying new 'old fashioned' clothes for reenactment. I suspect you'll also buy gum and maybe some clip on earrings and gingerale. 

Girl, there is no one more in your court than me. I am committed to help you through your day to day and pray one day things will get easier for you. I'm eager to see the great things this next year will bring you. 

Love, Mama

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