My fave crops

I haven't posted a lot about gardening this year, but I promise it's been a big part of my days.  Today I'll have some superlatives to share. 

Easiest to grow: Garlic. I love planting in the fall when the temps are comfortable. I love how it just pops up to do it's thing first thing in the spring.  I love how it first gives me scapes and then it gives me enough garlic to eat for months and enough seed garlic to start again for next year.  I haven't bought garlic in years. 

Anna-Kate loved helping me harvest. "Tickle tickle" she said to each one as she tickled the soil from the roots.
Favorite to pick: Flowers. I love love love picking bouquets and tucking flowers in allllll the places. A few carefully chosen annuals with lots of thick perennials. Allll the flowers, everywhere.


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