The babysitter


Audra was off with our neighbor.  I had a coffee date with a friend.  Adrian became the babysitter. He initially wasn't sure of the job, but I reminded him that he's more responsible than I am.  He supposed he'd give it a whirl. 

Know what he did? 

First he closed and locked all the doors and windows. 
Then he got her a snack. 
Then he read to her every Virginia Lee Burton book that we own. He said this took him a whole hour.
Then he was thirsty and hydrated himself and gave her a drink. 
Then he helped her set up his best trucks on the car mat. 
Then he read his own book while she played underfoot. 
I showed up just as they were cleaning up. 

Pretty much the best babysitter ever. 

Although I'm not sure he is interested in doing it again anytime soon! 

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