Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop, Round 1

Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop?  What's this all about?

I am a big fan of thrift shopping.  It's not because I can't buy things new and I'm dragging myself to the thrift store out of necessity. Instead, it's for the find, the score, the excitement.  The "I can't believe I found this...and I need this" moment. It's amazing the stuff you can find. It sort of gives you a high.  And then I come home and set up a little display for my husband to gawk at.  Okay, so "Yup, that's nice" isn't quite a gawk, but I'm sure his non-nonchalant, monotonous mannerism is a cover up.  Surely, he's silently just as enthusiastic and excited as me!  How could one not be?!  I mean, isn't this pile of treasures what you've always dreamed of having?  He must be secretly busting at the seams with excitement.  Okay, maybe not. But one can hope. 

What's with the five bucks?  Well, I saw some sort of article somewhere about a woman who goes to the drug stores with coupons and records what she can get for five bucks.  Five bucks is usually what I end up spending at a thrift store anyway. Instead of spending $5 on a coffee, might as well see what you can get elsewhere.

So, I decided I'd try out something new.  I'm going to designate Monday as the day where I'm going to share my treasures.  I'll post and list what I got for five bucks.

Won't you play along?  If you are a deal seeker, post a link with pictures or describe the awesome deal you got!  I promise I will be just as excited as you!  If no one posts, I'm going to assume no one cares about my treasures.  It will be simply heart breaking to think I'm the only one who gets outrageously giddy over a brand new set of navy plaid cloth napkins for only $0.50. For a set of six, none less!  Certainly, I must not be the only one, right? 

Anyway, here's my score:

* A large zippered pillowcase, perfect for storing maternity clothes, for $0.50.
* A wooden abacus for $3.00.
* A children's "How To" book, published in 1953, surely must be an antique now, for $0.25.
* A DK children's book for $0.25.
* A yard of brand new 100% cotton, tags still on it for $1.00.

Total: Five bucks!


  1. I LOVE the abacus! Awesome job Mrs. Lipsky!

    I get really giddy and thrift shopping. I could spend HOURS in savers up here. It's my weakness =)

  2. The abacus is a great find! We have Splish Splash and it's a big hit here :)

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  4. Well I don't the chance to go into thrift stores much, but I love the dollar store! I was able to get some nice wooden beads to use with the knitting I've done. Also, my cousin gave me a bag of yarn she wasn't going to use. My aunt and I have made a lot out of that free yarn!

  5. Splash Splash was one of our favorite books. And I'll definitely play along, just maybe not every week. I'm on a thrift store diet!

  6. Yes! I'll play! Although my finds might be from the swap shop :-) great idea Jackie!

  7. Jackie,
    We just went to a thrift store that was having a bag sale...$3 for a bag (think shopping plastic bag although we had brought our own.) You put shoes and clothes in it. We filled five bags of clothes for all sizes of kids. We even got name brand stuff and stuff for the bf. As I washed it all, we had over a hundred items in the bags (including three dress shirts, a pair of dress pants, cargo pants, and gap shorts for the man.)
    We also recently found a yard sale with more bag clothes, but for $1. We got about twenty items in that bag.
    BUT, my hidden agenda is my next craft project. I love the idea of felting old sweaters and turning them into something new. I try to find as many as I can. I haven't decided exactly what I will make with them, but I love love love a pair of mittens I got once at a craft show made from recycled sweaters. Last weekend we scored three sweaters (two wool and once cashmere) for four dollars! Can't wait for felting.
    Love the five dollar idea. Keep it up!

  8. hearing everyone else's deals makes me pretty darn excited!



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