Mother's Day Reflections...

* I find toys in places they don't belong, such as in basket of freshly laundered diapers.  
* The bathroom floor is covered in water after tubby time.
* My husband and I catch ourselves singing about the muffin man when our little one is asleep.
* Part way though my work day, I find spit up on my shirt.
* There are little bits of squash that have hardened onto our dining room floor.
* Pleasure reading now consists of an evening rendition of "Moo Baa La La La".
* My toast gets cold, as I'm interrupted for potty time.
* Someone is fussy and does not want to be put down.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Being a mom is better than I dreamed. 

I'm betting my mom felt the same way.  Remembering her fondly on this day.    I feel so blessed to have had 15 years with her.  15 years of an awesome mom is much better than a lifetime of a mediocre mom, in my opinion. She would have loved being a grandmother.

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