A new perspective

Quick!  The little guy is sleeping.  Time to clean this mound of a mess we call home.  Seriously?!  How did it get this messy in here?  Didn't I just clean it?  A working mama, a baby, a husband and three pets...there's always a to do list.  I'm making the rounds- bottles, burp cloths, husband's gym bag.  Grr...I'm always moving this gym bag.  I notice my gardening boots I dropped at the door after weeding this morning.  Ugh...why don't I put things in the right spot immediately?  I didn't even hang Kammie's leash up after our morning run. Look there. Yet another toy has migrated by our little mover.  Sigh. In my scramble, I stopped.  I just looked at that pile by the door.  Gardening boots, dog leash, a toy car.

I stopped and thought...look at this.  This is what life is all about. This isn't a mess, it's piles of snapshots.  Pictures of memories of the life we're living.  These little messes are my chance to relive the memories of the day...to savor the moments just one more time.  And to remind me to appreciate this wonderful life I have as a wife and mama. I am so blessed.


  1. I often take pictures of funny little messes and things the kids have left lying around. Once I swept everything on the kitchen floor into a pile before picking anything up and took a picture of that!

  2. It's like wedding (or event or family) photographers who stage photos of everyone neat in a row and smiling. The best shots are the ones when no one knows a picture is being taken. I love this post. Thanks :)

  3. love it - I get frustrated when it looks as if a pint-sized tornado has torn through but I feel so blessed that she is healthy enough to do so...



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