Khakis turned into a Backpack

Yes you read that right.  Yet another project from one of my husband's ripped khakis.  I just couldn't throw them out.  Here it is...

The front pocket on the backpack was the center fly on the pants.
 The side pockets on the backpack were the back pockets on the pants.
 The main zipper and straps were salvaged from a ripped backpack that was a free business give away..
 I'm thankful for that serger my dad got me for my 16th birthday.
The trim is denim...from old pants.  So, yeah...he's a big little for it yet.
Maybe he can use it as a sleep sack?  Look at that face...he's not impressed with his mama. 

Cost: Free!!!!


  1. LOL...I would love to see the before and then the after....the stages of transformation would be interesting to see. Seems your husband is very "rip" prone with his clothes. What line of work is he in again? My husband used to rip his pants a lot at different jobs. LOL...

  2. my husband is a bull in a china shop! he's a corrections officer and has gone through a number of pants. the pants are just an eddie bauer pair. nothing special.

  3. I LOVE this Jackie!!! Now I just wish I could sew more than valances and burp cloths so I could make one too!

  4. This is sooooo impressive!!! Wow. My husband had better keep an eye on all of his pants!

  5. Again, awesome! Need to check out thrift store for some patterns!!!



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