Compost Bin out of Pallets

I've been saying for ages that I composted.  In that I meant I brought food scraps outside and buried them in the pile of leaves. Never did I actually use this alleged compost. Serious composters would shake their head at me.

I decided this is the year I'm going to get serious.  Serious about composting.  No more messing around, I'm going turn our kitchen scraps into the equivalent of gold for our garden.  4 parts brown, one part green.  Keep moist.  Turn often.  Create some of the richest soil and make our veggies want to sing.  Or something like that.

It all started with three pallets.  I saw them outside a business lot with a sign that said FREE.  Anytime I see something that says "Free", my heart gets racing, my eyes widen and I sit a little taller.  F-R-E-E.  Those four letters are magical.  The symphony orchestra goes off in my head, it crescendos as I inch closer.  It's mine, all mine!   There *must* be something I can do with these pallets.  I am giddy with excitement.  Somehow I loaded them all into our Trailblazer by myself.  I'm dreaming of what I could create with them, meanwhile pushing the thought of the look my husband will give me when he sees I've brought home more 'junk'. 

Reluctantly, my husband helped me set up this bin.  We just tied the ends together tight (it's plenty sturdy).  I hooked on a scrap lattice piece that was just hanging around in our shed.  The lattice hides the compost and I can take it off to turn the compost.  Instant compost bin.  It's nice how the sides let the air in, which will make for more efficient composting.

 You see, honey?  My ideas really aren't crazy, right?! 

Cost: Free!

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  1. This is so crazy! I have wanted a bigger compost bin for a long time but want something cheap. Last summer we bought one that turns, it was expensive, didn't hold a lot, and not very convenient. Every day I drive by a place that says "free pallets." Just the other day I told Loren that is what I was going to use to make my bin. It's awesome how we think alike sometimes. Awesome.



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