Mama and Baby Penguin

I tried to tell my husband that we should keep this set and make it a big brother and a new baby gift for our little one.  No, we're not expecting.  This was my futile attempt to encourage my husband for round 2.  I thought for sure a cute little penguin toy would totally convince him.  No luck.  He apparently is not swayed by penguins.  So, this is a mama and baby penguin instead.  Here it is:
 The baby attaches to the mama penguin with velcro.
I had fabric left over from this skirt.  I basically just had the idea in my head and went to town.  I appliqued the belly and nose on. I embroidered the eyes. The feet and the arms are stuffed with a birdseed bag, as I find arms and legs keep their shape better with a little stiffness. I tied a few strands of yarn in a knot for hair. I added velcro on the arms of each bird.  I stuffed and finished the seam with a slip stitch.  It really was a pretty easy project.  I actually made a pattern this time around too, in case I want to make it again.



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