Sunday Afternoons at Home...

"Sorry I haven't gotten to the lawn", says this hard working daddy on his way out to work overtime.  "And sorry that you're going to be stuck here without a vehicle".  No worries.  A summer day in the back yard, flowers blooming, laundry out, bread rising, a sweet baby boy, a faithful puppy and you have a smiling mama. 

Happiness is...

Giggles.  The kind that turns into squeals, where the arms are just a going.
Noticing the beautiful blooms, and amazed that I grew them, on purpose.
Having a little one remind me that the wild blooms are pretty spectacular in and of themselves.
 Witnessing the love between our little boy and our gentle puppy.
Taking a moment, just one moment, to look at what is present before me.  Wow.  This is the life I have been blessed with.  I wipe my tear of joy.

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