A little perspective...

I spot my little one and his colossal mess. I sigh a big sigh.  Yet again, every single shoe, yes every-single-shoe has again, yes AGAIN been removed from the boot tray.  He's so darn quick...and I've likely cleaned these shoes up 8 times already today.
But then, I grab my camera.  I move a bit closer, marveling at my sweet little boy and appreciating his way of entertaining himself.  He has his own ideas, interests and desires.  He's learning and growing and making his own decisions.  Yes, sometimes he chooses to remove and re-arrange everything that I've just straightened.  But often he decides to blow kisses, wave, greet, smile and give hugs.  And those little moments make my heart sing.  How blessed I am to have such a smart little boy. 
 As I'm admiring at my little boy, camera in hand, with a smile on my face, he happens to pause his plans of playing shoe store.  He looks up, noticing his mama gazing at him and blows a single kiss. It's a love like none other.

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