In making an effort to look past the stuff I have no handle on, I'm going to instead celebrate that which I'm gaining ground.  Butter.  I used to skim quite a bit milk during my efforts to collect the cream. Now, I have quart jars with less than an 1/8 of an inch of milk. All cream.  And with that I've been making ~2 pounds of butter a week. I tell you...fresh butter is good stuff!  And the cheese. I have a much better handle on the softer cheese in particular.  I just ordered more rennet, which means this coming weekend I will have turned 120 gallons of hand milk milk into cheese since August.  How about that? 


  1. That is some beautiful looking butter. I can only imagine how yummy it must be. You could start your own dairy, girl!
    You're stronger than you think. Give it time, it will all find its way...

  2. Looks wonderful and delicious!! Wow, you are amazing with the cheese making! Way to go!



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