The Wood Cookstove!

I've been crushing on this wood cookstove for approximately 3 years. With five doors and five windows in the kitchen and this small hearth, only a small cookstove would fit.  This was a happy birthday to me and a Merry Christmas to me.  And I'm so so so happy with it! It heats the room in no time and I'd say likely 2/3 of my cooking since it's been hooked up has been on the cookstove.  How about that!?

So here's the process from delivery to it in the house to being hooked up. It's obviously Holly the Black Lab's resting spot, but even our cat who likes to live in a drawer enjoys the heat.  And I love love love the big puffy smoke coming out of the chimney. Picture overload, coming right up.


  1. Looks exactly like the stove I want!

  2. So cool! We're saving for a woodstove, but I have never seen them with the "oven" portion built into them. I just love your home! Quintessential New England farmhouse.

  3. Brilliant! Did it take long to regulate your cooking on it? What fun.

    Your home just amazes me. It's a real dream.

  4. I've never even seen a wood stove up close. Obviously cooking on the top would have a slight learning curve, but what about the oven? I see some sort of gauge on the front. How do you know what the temperature is? And how do you maintain it while baking? Do you have to turn the pans to insure even cooking?

  5. Great design! I really want to get a scandinavian one with a cooking plate on top, since our kitchen doesn't have room for one. If I ever lived in a rural area I would get one like yours, nice and compact :)



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