Mama Made: Tiny Polar Bear

Way back last summer, I made sweet girl this tiny elephant (click here). My son really really really wanted to keep it. But... I made it for her. 

I told him I'd make him a tiny stuffed animals.

"How about a cow?" 

Truth be told, my creative energy is a little tired of the same requests.  Cows, tractors, farms. Repeat.

I told him I would make him a surprise and it probably wouldn't be a cow.  That was months ago. Finally following through. 

Meet the tiniest little polar bear.

 When Adrian saw it , he said 'Mama, I love it! Thank you so much! I'm going to name it 'Tracotr'.  'Tractor Polar Bear.'
 So we have a homemade little farming polar bear.
 At least he loves it.  In fact he sleeps with it. 
 He couldn't be more thrilled. As for me?  My heart sings when a mama made becomes a favorite!

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