Made My Goat a Homemade Coat

These frigid temps, I hate them. Well below zero in actual temps and way below zero with the wind chill. Lots of layers, lots of trips to the barn, some dread going out at times. The wind just whips across the field and stings your face. I could do without the 10pm checks.  Truth be told, they could do without the 10pm checks.  But, I sleep better knowing I did that one last check, so there's that. all

Anyway, all barn animals are on lockdown in the barn.  No one is going outside. It's waaaay too cold.

The chickens have their huge run right now and the goats and our milk cow are together.  Last month, we passed the calf on to a new family.  I don't think I mentioned that here. We loved Oliver and he was a good calf, but I never set out to have a herd. Having less 5 gallon buckets of water to bring out, less manure to scoop, one less mouth to feed was a good choice for us. Oliver is still ours though, we're sharing him with the new family.  Come butcher time, we'll split him.  This will be interesting for me, as I have only bought beef for our table once in the last 12 years we've been together and it was a birthday meal for my husband. My husband is super excited to have beef. As for me?  Well, I don't know what I think about all that. 

Back to those frigid temps.  Call me crazy, I don't care.  I have been treating them with warmness for treats.  Molasses water, warm oats.


Most animals seemed okay, except for our goat Katy.  She's always been the shy/nervous goat. She's spent a lot of time quivering or shivering in this cold.  Not sure if she's nervous or if she's freezing, but I decided to do a little something about it. I upcycled a wool sweater and upcycled the elastic ties from my husband's old (broken) coat.  I made a mini turnout blanket.   A coat. For a goat.

 I'd say she looks mighty fine in it.

Our other goat is never cold because he spends most of his time getting into trouble. You think he looks innocent. Ha!  Trouble I tell you.

And the third one to the trifecta is Ophelia.  Ophelia is unphased by the weather.

It's so fun going out there to hang with them.  In fact, we spent a good chunk of our days out here, regardless of the weather.  Here's Ophelia and Katy and her new coat again.

 Long story short, I'm glad to have that barn to have all the animals tucked away safely for the night. I'm thankful for my helpers too. I'm also sort of in love with the coat I made for the goat.  Maybe I ought to make more. I'd have the most fashionable goat ever!  I'm sure every goat is dying to get into the fashion world anyway.


  1. We love our goats! Goats are so entertaining, aren't they!?

  2. You could sell those, girl! Love that the critters have a warm, cozy place to be.
    Your helpers are THE BEST!



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