NINE months!

Well, Miss Anna-Kate, NINE months!

6 months
(Here's 3 monthsnewborn.)

Giggles, smiles, snuggles. You love anyone and everyone. And will let anyone hold you.

You love food. You have figured out how to sign 'more'. Which means you want 'more' food all the time.  You'd much prefer solid food opposed to milk.  You like everything. My favorite is how you do ankle circles in the high chair on repeat when you are happy.

You move. Fast. All over. And everything goes into your mouth. 

You're calm, happy, content and fun. You talk all.the.time.  "Mamamama, dadadada, bababababa". You have no idea what you are saying, but you happily chatter on and on and on and on.

In the last few months, you've been on four flights. You are the world's most perfect travel partner.

You're the 'one more' I begged for and the one no one knows how we ever lived without. Thankful for you, Miss Anna-Kate.

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