Five and a HALF!

Miss Audra,

You are 5 and a HALF, which you are focusing on that being closer to 6, which is closer to being a teen. Don't wish your years away, sweet girl.

What are you like at 5 1/2?  Active. Lots of spirit. So much spunk. Lots of whit. Full of life and energy.  You  keep us on our toes, that's for sure. 

You absolutely love animals and they love you back. You are caring and gentle with them now, although they do get dressed up quite frequently.  You play with your live animals more than you play with your actual toys. Right now you are saving your money for kittens, a pony, ducklings and chickies.

Your art is precious.  You draw your people with LOTS and LOTS of BIG CURLY hair and tiny details with lots of color.  Your pictures are worth keeping.  There's an especially cute one that was done with a red sharpie on your wall. You have no idea how that got there.  Our kitchen door also says "AUDRA" in big letters. You have no idea how that got there either. 

Your favorite food is eggs. Especially scrambled.  Good thing, as we have plenty of them. Cooked onions are disgusting, but you'll eat raw onions and green onions/scallions all the live long day. You'd never refuse a Snickers. You love to cook and bake, and in fact you are quite natural at it.  

No matter how active you are during the day (which is VERY active or VERY VERY active or VERY VERY VERY active), you'll just about always stop for a book.  Picture book, short story, chapter books, audio books. You especially love fairy tales. Not the Disney version. The real deal, the original versions. You can also tell some tall tales yourself. 

You are so social, meeting friends wherever you go.  You share your things with ease and would offer your last bite of dessert to anyone, just out of the goodness of your heart.   

You give the very best hugs, kisses and snuggles, keep us awake and keep us full of laughs. We're making a plight to keep your room clean...okay, well, just I am trying to encourage you to work on that, you aren't the least bit concerned.  Someday, hopefully!

Our life would be dull without you, Audra.  Thank you for keeping things exciting. I love you oodles and oodles.

Love, Mama

Questions of the year!

Nicknames: Grace

How old are you? 5 and a half, which mean almost 6.

What is your favorite color? All colors

What is your favorite animal? All of them except crocodiles and rattlesnakes.Mostly horses.

What is your favorite book? Secret Garden

What is your favorite song? Have a Holly Jolly Christmas and God is on the Move

What is your favorite snack? Cheese and crackers or crackers and peanut butter

What is your favorite outfit?  All the dresses Grammy Vicki gives me

What is your favorite game?  Battleship

What is your favorite toy?  My horses

Who is your best friend? Paige, Leah, Lucy, All the Ellas and their sisters

What is your favorite thing to do? Ride horses

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play on the swingset, ride my bike, play in the snow.

What is your favorite holiday?  All the holidays that have candy.

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  My homemade dolls Marie and Grace and books.

Where is your favorite place to go? To the stores. I love to shop.

What is your favorite restaurant?  Subway and someplace with french fries.

Where do you want to go on vacation? NY and Florida.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to take care of animals and ride horses. Probably a veterinarian and a horse rider. Maybe a jockey. Maybe not in races though.

What are you going to do on your birthday? Eating coffee cake!

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  1. Love your answers, Audra! You are a girl who knows where she's going!

    Momma, the pictures aren't showing up. ;0(



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