My kids have always been outside kids.  Everyday, regardless of weather, we are outside. I have fond memories of them waking up and meeting me outside when I was hand milking or coming inside in time for bed after a summer sunset, dirty from head to toe. I'm so fortunate that I have panoramic windows in the kitchen so I can see them playing. In those warmer weather months, a seamless outside/inside transition is occurring almost hourly. However, in winter, although we go outside, the time we are outside is usually less. Maybe it's the cold temps or the ice. Maybe it's because it takes an hour just to get all the winter gear on, (okay, maybe not an hour, but a long time) and by the time they are out there they are hungry/thirsty/have to go to the bathroom.  Maybe we just enjoy the fire inside.

Long and short of it, regardless of weather, kids NEED to be outside.  Since we have the right gear for them, it is possible for them to be comfortable in just about all elements.  We have found that one short winter outdoor play time is not enough.  We've been helping get that snowgear on again and again in a day, sending our kids out twice, even three times a day. We're aiming for a minimum total of 3 hours a day outside.

It tell you, it helps. It helps with focus, learning, cooperation, appetite and sleep. They play better together, are more creative, they are kinder to one another and listen more attentively. They are more regulated, calmer and happier.

My husband and I are working on joining in their outside time as much as possible. We had a family walk today tracking turkeys. I cleared the ice out of our driveway with Adrian and Anna-Kate on my back. Justin brought the big kids sledding.  Tomorrow we are planning on ice skating. Regardless of age, we ALL could use some more outside time.

Three hours total outside a day regardless of weather for the kids, that's our goal. Adults joining some of that time daily, that's our goal too.  Anyone else want to join us in a commitment to get outside more, regardless of the weather?  Fresh air is a good thing for the soul.


  1. I so agree with you. I am not the same person when I am inside too much. Unfortunately, I am the only lover of the outdoors in our family.

  2. Great job there. It's great to do that and have the fresh air and activity.



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