Big Girl Bed!

Just like that, we say goodbye to the crib and hello to a big girl bed. (Matching Pottery Barn-like frames for FREE...score!  The girls who had these beds were getting a room upgrade. I even double checked with the mom to make sure she didn't want anything for these. Nope. Completely free.  Pretty awesome for us!) Anna-Kate is thrilled and will tell anyone who will listen how BIG she is. 
 I can't decide if she looks so big in her big girl bed or so little that I want to scoop her out of there and put her back in her crib. This growing up thing can be hard for mamas, for sure.  Without doubt, the best thing our family did was to have 'just one more'.   


  1. Oh my stars! She is growing up way too fast! They will create so many good memories sharing that room. Great score, indeed!

  2. Score! I'm sure she'll grow into it fast!



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