Thanksgiving cheer

 We were at a thrift shop a few weeks ago (big surprise, I know!) and the woman ahead of us was buying these turkeys. My kids were just being themselves, shooting the breeze with her.  After she checked out, she turned to the kids and said "I'm just so impressed with what nice kids you are.  I think you should have these turkeys. You can paint them."

And so, that's how we came with two turkeys to paint.  My bigs decided they would paint them and bring them to our nursing home friends.  We go weekly to the nursing home and the residents there have become my kids' friends.

The turkeys were well received.  We also did a craft with them that our 4-H club prepped and individually packaged for two different nursing homes. I am so impressed on how my kids helped each resident with their craft. They didn't do the craft for them, they coached the residents so they could do the craft themselves.  The residents loved it and I loved watching my two big kids blossom to leaders before my very own eyes. Tis a season for thankfulness, and I'm mighty thankful for these two!


  1. I love how they paid forward the generosity of the fellow shopper. You should be mighty proud!

  2. How wonderful, your children are a real reflection of the devotion and care you give to them!

  3. That was an amazing pay it forward to the children and then the children paying it forward to the nursing home. Those are some amazing children.



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