As of late, I'd describe my current position in this ocean of parenthood as treading water, trying to stay afloat, hanging on by a too small buoy.  Each day I have ideas and goals I set out to accomplish and each night I go to bed with that same to-do list, untouched.

This has been one of my projects that is moving oh so slowly. 

This hedge next to our house was once a well tended garden. When we moved in, it had decades of overgrowth in this particular area. Every couple of years I work to trim it back, but it keeps coming back with more and more expansive powers.  It's all junk that I don't want too!  Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY wants multiflora rose or bittersweet. We have more than enough burning bush.  Wineberry, barberry, no thanks berry.  So invasive. And pricky.  And the stuff I actually want to keep is very overgrown and could use a big haircut.

I have more scars and thorns in my body now that I did a couple weeks ago, but I'm determined to get this stuff up from root. I told my husband that if I don't do it when I'm healthy, this stuff will envelop our house if we let it grow. 

So far from being done, but there's a wee bit of progress. I found some buried garden edging too. I'm wondering if I pull all this invasive stuff up if we might just see some hidden perennials pop up. It's happened before in other parts of this property.

It's a mess. It's a big pile (that's problematic because it contains seeds for more multiflora rose. NOOOO!), but little by little, I'm making a dent.  And look,where you used to not even be able to see through, let alone walk through, you can now see a root free path! Still need to get to the brush on the right and take care of that pile. One step at a time.


  1. I’m 70 and my list STILL never gets done every the time I take care of the horses and take the dogs on a nice walk, it’s already past lunchtime....
    Enjoy the’ll get done ( or not!)....

  2. You're determined to get it done, so it will get done! You are not one to give up on a task. Just be patient with yourself, knowing that doing a little at a time is enough.
    Or, you could ask your farmer friend to use his tractor to pull it all out! ;0D



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