Today thanks to my husband, I had three whole hours to myself.  Goodness, I have looked forward to this for days.  When they left, the first thing I did was burst into tears. Tears of relief from finally having no one needing me (realizing lately that between home, work and my 4-6 weekly volunteer activities.....I am ALWAYS with kids!), tears from sleep deprivation, from not sitting down in days, from looking around and seeing all the things that needed doing that I haven't yet got to, tears from feeling inadequate.

After a bit, I picked myself up. I made myself a cup of coffee and actually drank it warm on my screen porch. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures with the 'life is good' attitude (pics below). I sewed. I listened to a podcat on parenting. I made a nice dinner for my family.  I took a walk by myself.  I welcomed my babies back home with opened arms as they ran to me for hugs. I truly did miss them. Now after this reset, I am more than ready to tackle my week of kids, kids and more kids. Even though life gets overwhelming at times, I'm really blessed to be living this amazing life.

Plenty to read.

Plenty to eat
 Enough to keep us warm and to cook on
 Handmade woolens and diaper covers drying (hung by the littles)
 Coffee and my most loyal girl
 Beautiful to do lists
Collections that spark joy
A homestead and home filled with so many living things
And reminders here there and everywhere that my feelings of inadequacy are superfluous.  I am more than enough for all this.  I believe just as my Gram used to say, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This week is going to be a good one.

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  1. Good for you taking a break! I raised 3 working full time and it was tough. Bless my hubby who started "taking them out for coffee/hot cocoa" so I could actually sleep in on Saturdays. My thyroid crashed a few years later, I'm sure that was related. Take time for yourself and protect your health! Good to recharge the batteries...



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