Thankful for this trio the small fraction of pears we were gifted from our neighbors. (yes,we'll eat them all...and then some!)
 Thankful for home sweet home
 And for our three season porch (which we really ought to get those screens out and walls and windows back in!). Thankful for this son and his helpfulness.  This little girl and the joy she brings us, plus he little homemade dress.
 Thankful for this girl and her spunk and style. (Like her new vintage coat she scored for $1 in an after Halloween sale?!)  And all of our animals.
 Thankful we've been able to keep them home thus far
 And thankful for our daily adventures and service activities. 
After days of struggles, it's time to dust off my thankfulness hat.  Even cobwebs are quite beautiful.


  1. Yes, you have much for which to be thankful. I just love your house!

  2. Great post! I was thinking last week I need to do a list too...



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