We bought this bike cart at the consignment sale for $15. I thought I'd pack Anna-Kate in it, the bigs could go on their bike and we'd go for a ride along the Eastern Trail. I smiled seeing Adrian spin by. Didn't think it would fit his bike too! What fun for Anna-Kate!

Except when he stopped, I noticed it was not his 2 year old sister, but his 7 year old sister! No longer is this happening, she's too heavy to tote around!  But the two bigs are taking turns giving Anna-Kate a ride around the yard.  Best $15 I have spent in a long time!


  1. Glad y'all are feeling better!
    We had one of those when our boy was small. Great investment! It's a good idea to put a long flag on the back, to make you more visible. Maybe the kids could make one.



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