Thankful for local milk delivery.  Thankful for Misfits Organic produce delivery. Plus our own eggs, homemade bread, fresha parsnips I dug just today and our freezer and canned stores from last summer. This combo keeps us from the stores.  I aim for once a month, but may try to stretch that a bit longer.
(We feel spoiled getting a pomelo delivered! We all fought over it. If you want to order from misfits and get a discount, here's your code: COOKWME-LH0QGS at ).
We are staying home, home, home.  Unfortunately my husband still has to work.  When and if we do contract this, we are doing everything we possibly can to not be the ones who will share it.  Praying for this thing to plateau very very very soon.

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  1. I just placed our first Misfits order yesterday. Shoot, I wish I had seen the discount code. In any case, we aim to support those who are doin' it for the right reasons. Thank you for all you do! Your family will get through this better than most.



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