Mama Made: Shirt/dress

Want to know what's super annoying?  When you have parents who have rules such as 'Leggings are not pants' and 'No, you may not wear leggings places unless you have a shirt long enough to cover your behind'. 'But mom, EVERYONE else wears leggings as pants with short shirts.  Besides, I don't have any t-shirts that are long enough.'  And now? Now she has a dress/shirt that is long enough.  She picked out the fabric.  She loves it and wants more. I think the look is pretty darn adorable.


  1. Awww so precious. A beautiful girl in a beautiful shirt! Great job mom!

  2. Love that fabric! Such a cute outfit!

  3. Cute! I wish some of the adults I worked with used that dress code! The thin ones sometimes give me just too much information, ew



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