He's Nine and a HALF



Adrian, you are now Nine and a HALF.  What a joy you are!  I once read that there's nothing like a nine year old boy, I agree.  You are responsible, taking care of all of your things and your room. I can count on you to do chores and look after things I ask. You are independent, but love your mama fiercely.  (And your dad too, but right now, the world still revolves around mama).

You love tractors, still.  You play tractors, read about tractors, draw tractors and lately you have been designing the "ATL" tractor brand out of legos. You still almost always have something tractor related you are wearing. This hasn't changed one bit. 
Your favorite hobby is still cutting tractors out of magazines.

You remember everything.  You collect books, enjoy reading them and love to be read to.  You enjoy 'working' around the farm. You eat everything and anything, in big quantities. You finish it all and say you are still hungry.  You enjoy shoveling, swimming, biking and nature walks.  Your favorite pets are our dog (Holly) and Zoom the cat (who often sleeps with you).  You love routine and order and predictability.  You find our family too busy and you'd like to stay home more. 

You bring such a stable presence to our family.  We can't imagine where we would be without you to keep us on track. It seems I will never have to figure out life without you, for you claim you plan to live with me forever.I love you, my dear boy.

Love, Mama

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