Spring feels

 Basil, tomatoes, kale sprouting so far. We're thrilled thinking green. Thankful we had what we needed to plant before this pandemic.

Below is our 'spring' table. I forced that forsythia, incubator is full, propagating elderberries and first round of seeds started.
 Eggs have been plentiful.  Each morning, we collect our breakfast before frying them up.  I've also been digging a lot of parsnips and notice I can start grabbing some fresh green onions out there. Cilantro is already popping up in the garden. Strawberries wintered well. Garlic is up. Thankful for this garden fresh produce.
 She is my best egg collector.
 I haven't been to the store since March 7th.  I went down to the basement to see what we had. Thankful for some more homemade bread, a roast from my dad, diced tomatoes from my last year garden, green beans I grew last year, roasted tomato sauce x2, pear sauce from the fall and grape concentrate that I will make into grape juice. Almost all of this was homegrown.  Thankful for the effort I put in last year.
 Add that to my misfit produce (misfitsmarket.com , code COOKWME-LH0QGS), we're doing pretty well.

 We've been having a lot of rice and beans and beans and rice too, from my emergency stocked pantry. I'm the most appreciative I have ever been for our meals lately. (Below rice, topped with saucy beans, green onions, tortilla chips with mushrooms and carrots. Yes, my kids definitely eat this and love it).
My husband still has to work, but the rest of us are staying home, home, home. Eat well, get fresh air and stay healthy, friends.

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  1. Looks great! I took a tour of my pantry closet the other day and was happy that we had a good supply of everything. Then in our freezer we have Frozen apples, peaches all organic from ruin trees. We also have frozen rhubarb from our neighbor, Frozen tomatoes from our garden and lots of other miscellaneous food. It's always great to have a good supply of things and I think a lot of people in the US are definitely starting to look at growing some of their own food. One of our local hatcheries is selling chicks as fast as they can. May put my plans on hold to buy a few more this year, time will tell. The good thing is at least people are waking up



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