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And what it looks like now all tucked in for winter.  I spread almost completely by myself another 14 yards of wood chips, fully embracing a Back to Eden permaculture garden next year again.  I had five years of tilling here, and no longer do I till. This coming year will be the 4th year of a no till permaculture. It's become my favorite way of gardening. Most of the work is not in the heat of summer.  The cooler months are the months that require the attention. I much prefer it that way! 


We got our garlic in. This is the first year we have grown enough garlic for a full year of use, as well as enough to plant for next year.  Self sufficient with garlic now. One step at a time.

I also transplanted two nanking cherry bushes and transplanted a large elderberry bush to see how it does.  I am trying a row of grapes in a new location, transplanted those too.I planted 100 spring bulbs and some parsnips. I also added a brand new garden space for pumpkins for next year.  I mulched everything and moved the compost/used what was there.  I still am getting a few hardy greens out there. Everything is set and tucked in for winter now.  If you need me, I'll be looking at my seed catalog fireside. That is until February hits and I will be pruning those fruit trees and getting my grow lights set for starting seedlings.  Thankful to be able to provide food year round for my family from this space.

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  1. A blessing indeed. I,too, am whittling away at becoming self-sustaining with the basics.
    Enjoy your perusal! Mine has already begun with High Mowing Organic Seeds!



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