Barn and Chickens

More progress on the barn today. I hate it. I spend the whole day being so uptight.  The added 'fun' of all this is our concrete guy lost half his employees and cannot pour. I called 12 concrete guys. Nothing back.  So much stress. 

Anyway, lost a window in the lift today, but roof looks better than expected thus far. 

My most frequently asked question..."Where are the chickens?"  They are IN THE BARN.  I know.  That's what I said.  I asked him when we should move them and he said no need.  People apparently live in dwellings when they are lifted.  Okay then.  Chickens will not need an extended stay hotel. 

Surprisingly their egg production has been consistent. 
And the pullets are growing. They seem to be just ducky.  Or chickeny. All is well with these cluckers, even though they are cooped up for the foreseeable future. Ready for this project to be OVER.

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