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July 1st marks the beginning of our next year's books and the wrap up of last year's books.  These were most of our family read alouds 2021-2022.  Some are missing and a few we did as audio.  Of course each kid has their own list that they read (as do I) and I don't include picture books, just chapter books.  These are the chapter books we enjoyed as a family. The bookends of our day are read alouds. They bring us together and anchor our days. I read a little each morning and a little each night. Consistency adds up! 
Some days our read alouds did go like this, lol.  Anna-Kate was mad that she is never the middle child and she wants a chance and she never gets a chance. 

Adrian's faves: Kerplunk and Phantom Toll Booth.  Both are humorous. He'd probably add the four book series 'The Saturdays" and four book series the "Moffats" to his favorite list too. I read them aloud and he went back and re-read them on his own. 
Anna-Kate loved Chatterer the Red Squirrel and basically Thornton Burgess in general and Brambly Hedge. She also listened intently to White Bird by Bulla. 
Audra about had a meltdown when I told her to pick two, so she narrowed it down to 8.  She loved Ocean Born Mary (set in Strawbery Banke), Lucy Whipple, the 4th book in the Lily Lapp series and Abbie Burgess (Maine book).  
Plus she loved (well, we all loved) Canadian author Shirley Woods' animal books. We read four and are eager to get our hands on more. 

I'll mention a few great books that weren't already listed. I loved the Birds' Christmas Carol by Kate Douglas Wiggin, Emily's Runaway Imagination by Beverly Cleary (never read it before, it's my top Cleary book now!), The War that Saved my Life and sequel The War I Finally won and Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott. Plus, I cannot tell you how many times I've read or listened to Anne of Green Gables, but decided I'd read it to us even though we're all very familiar.  It was my first time reading it aloud and I literally cried through the whole ending. 

Now it's time to pull next year's books so I have room to reshelve these. 

Any recommendations? 

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