My Gram

 Remembering my Gram on what would have been her birthday.

Grew up seeing her almost daily. Talked to her on the phone regularly. Saved many letters from her. Brought her on vacation with just the two of us for seven years. Think of her whenever I see the lighthouses. Say things like "We hear you birdies", just like she always did when the birds are singing. Think of her with 'Bushel and a Peck'. Vow to never give my kids chips and soda in bed like she did (But will totally do that for my grandkids). Put half as much pepper on my eggs as she did. Think of her when we go to her beloved ocean. Hear her voice singing when I hear the song "He Lives!" and it's because of her I have memorized Romans 8:28.  Carry a piece of her loving Christian heart with me wherever I go. We'll celebrate her with ice cream today and remember how she slapped Justin's hand when he tried to sneak a taste.  I pray my legacy will be half as loving as hers.  

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