Out and in


Been bringing things from the outside in. This one has been my biggest helper.  We went blueberry picking with friends yesterday and the kids made blueberry cake and muffins. The raspberries have finally started slowing down, we have a lot in the freezer.  I've been making freezer pops with yogurt, raspberries and apple juice that we made.  Kids l love them. 

I got Justin's grandmother's food saver a decade ago and never used it. My dad's been poking me to try it.  Justin helped me get it set up and it's brilliant.  It's my new favorite thing. Why didn't I use this thing years ago?

Anna-Kate has been helping pull the seeds in. We gathered parsnip, collard greens and columbine.  We also had previously dried lupine and packed that away as well.

There is always something to do when you're a homesteader! 

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