Audra turns TEN

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Happy Birthday TEN YEAR OLD Audra! 

Somehow you're at 10!  TEN!  To my 4th of July firecracker who lives up to that status daily, we never know what we will find when you wake up...but one thing for sure, it's an adventure. You keep us on our toes allllllll the time. 

My most favorite thing about you is how you love others.  You love your friends so much. You make things for people, buy things for people with your own money, you focus your free time energy on your animals.  You have a heart for serving. 

You are a mover and a shaker.  Cartwheels everywhere.  You see a hill and think it would be fun to roll down it. You build ramps to have a better sledding adventure. You body surf waves like no one I know. If you have to go from point A to B, walking in a straight line to reach your destination is not even considered. 

You are crafty, crafty, crafty!  You pick one craft and spend all your energy on it.  Then you decide it's enough and abandon it for months.  In the meantime you pick up a new craft for a spell and the cycle continues.  When you do finish something, it's always most impressive. You've enjoyed sewing, carving, flower arranging, crochet, needlepoint, weaving, carving, paper crafts, embossing, quilling, needle felting, hooking, friendship bracelets, beading, plaster of paris, painting, baking, adult coloring books and the list goes on and on on and on. 

Now, picking up the mess that that craft project made...well, that's a work in progress! 

You are as quick as a whip and absorb everything. When we think you're not listening, you always are.  You remember everything, love books and use a very expansive vocabulary in everyday language. 

The one hobby that comes in phases and you keep going back to (which I love) is your old fashioned dressing up. You love to watch youtube videos about dressing in various time periods. You enjoy dressing up and playing the role. You wear all the layers and get Anna-Kate to join in. 

You're spicy and sweet all in one. You wake up everyday and do the hardest things you don't want to do. I know you have to work harder than most to stay regulated. You're doing it though and learning and growing at such a rapid rate. I'm so proud of all your efforts and I will always and 100% be the one who believes you can do anything!  

Happy birthday my 10 year old! 

Love, Mama

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