A new business!


This boy here has set up a business and it's thriving for a 12 year old!  He's had a number of orders and he just got hired to do some logo work for a local company!

He's been doing all the communication via phone and Email.

Here are some of his recent drawings: 

He invested in some folders and tucks a business card and a personal note with every order, all his idea! 
He wakes every morning (in all weather) and waves to cars that go by. He calls them his 'regulars' and they are expecting him to give a smile and a wave weekday mornings (he sleeps in on the weekends). It's basically BEEP BEEP BEEP every morning. Many of them have become his 'customers'.  He also has had a number of cards and gifts left for him.  He's known around town as the kid who waves to everyone!

Add in his hobby of making miniatures for dioramas, 

He's just a really neat kid.  If you know anyone who wants a vehicle painted you know who to contact! 

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