Oh yes, SNOW!


We're SO HAPPY for the snow. Not happy that our internet cable is on the ground, but the snow is making up for that woe. Adrian was shoveling at like 5am. 

He, of course, needed to do his regular waving routine. One of his waving pals plowed the heavy mess the town snowplow left at the end of the driveway, but he shoveled the rest.

This one shoveled a maze, made snow steps into the barn, worked on making a tunnel in a snowbank and rolled around with the dogs.
This one got new mama made mittens (all three kids wore their mama made mittens out).
Only she decided the effort to move in the snow wasn't worth it, so she mostly did this outside.

Now, if only the snow would take a bit longer to melt this time around....one can only hope.

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