Two storms down this week, one to go the day after tomorrow.  Storm one we lost internet for days. Storm two we lost power for a day and internet for a day and a half. The next storm is brewing. It's heavy, heavy snow with lots of trees snapping. Thankful we have a generator for our home, we are already used to gathering around the fire to cook on the wood.

We have plenty of books and things to do.

Adrian has been keeping us shoveled out (and one of his waving pals cleared the heavy stuff on the road). He gets up at 5 something every morning to go out and shovel and wave at the cars.

I also snuck a pic of an Adrian hug. 

The storms force us to slow down and find our groove, which I think there's something magical in that.  I hope everyone's power is restored and think of all the line workers. 

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