Art with Lines

 In December, I led a 6 part series...Dabble and Babble: Art with Lines.  Kids did an art challenge and then enjoyed games.

Aiming to record what I did so I don't forget! And if you want to do the series, go ahead! 

1) Lines and colored in rainbow order 2) Continuous line, filling in miniature designs in each pattern. 3) Designing wrapping paper/fabric with lines. 4) Draw a picture, put patterns in the picture. Color the pictures with oil pastels and then watercolor over. (The house and the truck ones) 5) Mandala (with a mirror in the middle) 6) Pieces of cardboard were dipped in paint to create the designs. 6) We glued cardboard on a wooden block to make a stamp 7) We carved a design into styrofoam, painted and stamped the inverted design.

Above are my examples, here are my kids' finished products.

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