Grape Jam

From this:

To this:

To this:

To This: 

Almost 40 pounds of concord grapes washed and stemmed; skins separated from the insides and chopped; insides mushed, boiled and seeds removed; jam made; jam preserved (=~65 jars!); jam labeled; jam consumed on my homemade bread; one happy baby. It's a heck of a lot of work.  My hands are stained for days after a batch.  But I can't refuse a little face all messy with grape jam.  That's my motivation right there.

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  1. My Aunt gave us this contraption a few years ago. I used it at my mom's house one year when we had a lot of concord grapes. It works awesome. I found one on amazon just as an example. I don't even know the brand of ours (and it was a gift.) But I never cared too much for grape jam (my parents used to make it all the time) and there is so much of it. I was thinking that if you saw one of these things at at thrift store before next season, it works great for extracting the juice from fruit (little mess.) And then you can just can the juice. A lot less work than making jam....and I personally like juice over jam (less sugar :).
    Just a thought I wanted to share. Your jam looks amazing... :)



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