Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

First of all, I apologize to my Email subscribers for the recent hiatus.  I think I have the subscriptions fixed now.  Thank you to those readers who let me know.
Okay, on to my latest thrift shop adventure.  I was doing pretty well, an awesome book, a yard of fabric, two pairs of socks (with nubbies on the bottom so my little one won't fall when he's RUNNING around the corners of our house...when did he learn to run?!), and an under the sea wooden puzzle.  That was four bucks.  I had a dollar left to spend to meet my $5.00 total self challenge.  But then, I fell in love.  With this beautiful hand knit wool sweater.  It doesn't even look like anyone wore it.  It looked so cozy!  I didn't care that it was more than a buck.  I big puffy heart love it.  Grand total:  $7.50.  Totally worth the 'splurge'. 
It's a tad big, but here's my precious model (wearing no pants and his boots as usual):

Now if they only had one mama sized....

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  1. What a cutie and such a great find for him to model!!! Also, I love the little LCS nod with the blue and gold(ish) colors!!! :)



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