Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

A pile of Christmas books*
Melissa and Doug Latch Puzzle (Costs $25.00 new)
Mellisa and Doug Wooden Worm (Costs $8.00 new)
Dinosaur Slippers
Haba Wooden Baby Rattle (Costs $12.00 new).
A set of wooden lace beads 
A conductor hat

Cost:  $5.00 exactly

 *My mom kept a box of holiday books for each holiday hidden.  It was always great fun to open the box the beginning of December and read just Christmas books before Christmas.  You can bet I've been collecting and we have boxes already started for each holiday.  Won't you join in and start your own holiday book box?

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  1. I *Love* that latch puzzle. So cool. We got some thrifting in this weekend. I love it. We got tons of clothes at the Redwood Thrift store for $.50 each. We got some shoes and pjs and some more toys. And Loren went a little crazy on the books (can you really go crazy on books?) But he bought several Christmas books. He's already reading them....I might try to sneak them into a box until next month. Christmas might get a little old if we start this early in November. But Loren does love Christmas. So maybe I'll let him keep them out *this year.*
    Oh, and I found sweater vests in all three boys' sizes along with button down shirts. We are going to have some handsome men :)

  2. I do the same thing with holiday books but also tuck in the singing greeting cards and any little themed toys (cups & plates, necklaces, etc). It seems to give her something new and exciting without costing me a cent!



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