Halloween 2011

Halloween, 2011.  Twas fun!  I think I had a pretty darn cute little calf.  I love him to pieces!

 Now some in our church denomination are adamantly against Halloween.  Now, that's their choice and I don't judge.  But we 'celebrate' Halloween in our own way.  I've never been into the spooky, naughty, dark side of Halloween.  I grew up wearing most costumes that were homemade hand me downs from relatives that were just as cute as cute can be.  We'd dress up and bring our Trick or Treat for Unicef Boxes.  We'd head out not to a neighborhood to get the most loot, but to family members and the elderly who never got trick or treaters. In my adult life, I had one tell me that they looked forward to seeing us in our costumes every year.  Can't get a better compliment than that!  When I was a teen, my best friends and I all dressed as a theme.  We carried out the same tradition, visiting those elderly folks who never got trick or treaters.  We'd show up all dressed as Winnie the Pooh, Wizard of Oz, Snow White and her Dwarfs, singing the theme song.  Certainly a highlight.  Instead of viewing Halloween as an event to avoid, I embrace it, will let my child get dressed in cute costumes and use the day to do good for others.

Here's what we did this year:
Hat was made by my pal at Bug a Boo Beanies.  The shirt was a onesie with spots sewed on by mama.  There was a bell around the neck that was sometimes there, sometimes chucked across the room. (This isn't the first time I created something cow related...remember the patched overalls?  Miss those!)

We went to a nursing home where the residents enjoyed a little cow jamming out to piano music.  He's quite the dancer.

We loaded our livestock up in the John Deere wagon.  We visited homes that don't get trick or treaters. 
We ended up at Nam and Pap's house, where the calf got graham crackers (mmm!), a little something homemade by Nam and a spaghetti dinner.
And we ended up with a tired little calf.  Who lost his bell.  But still looked just as cute as cute could be.  Hope your Halloween was spectacular too!

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