Thrift store scores.
A glass fishbowl. Canvas fabric. Basket making supplies. Foam cores for crafting (Remembering pins and beads and making Christmas ornaments. My kids do love the pins in my pin cushion.) Two scarves. A brand new pair of shoes (this brand). $5.00 exactly. That's right, can you believe that?

A magna doodle (for the car, so there's not a million pieces of paper to clean up from little miss), a marble run, a camping enamelware bowl and plate, two full size bars of Toms of Maine soap, a dancing leotard and faves: Frog and Toad and Richard Scarry. $5.50.

Today, I looked down at my outfit. Shoes, pans, shirt, sweater, coat...all thrifted things for a dollar a piece. My entire outfit was all name brand and only cost $5.00 total.  You never would have guessed. All washed up, looks good as new!

I tell you...there's treasures to be had thrifting. Swing by a thrift store next time you're out and about. There just might be a treasure waiting for you!


  1. I say the same thing from time to time as I only get my clothes at thrift stores now. Most times my outfit is under $5. Ooooh, we are frugalistas, eh?

    1. p.s. Can't wait to see what you do with the basket making kit. We still love Richard Scarry.



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