His project: Unpaper Towel/Stuffed Animal Blanket

I figured I ought to keep track of his projects as he learns how to sew.  These projects are simple projects for the beginner with a sewing machine. It's not my priority to make sure he learns how to sew ASAP, I'm simply following his lead. When he asks to make something, I'm helping him along. Not sure where his path will take him, but I'll bring you along!

His project #1: Pillow
His project #2: Dog bed
His project #3: Unpaper Towel/Stuffed Animal Blanket

It's an upcycled receiving blanket. A 12x12 inch square, sew right sides together, leaving a 2 inch gap. Turn right side out, press. Edge stitch to close. Zigzag at a diagonal to make sure the fabric sides stay close together.

I'm getting smarter. Much easier to sew at a child sized table.

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