"Squeaks" Playset


So I posted recently that I made some "Squeaks" playsets and added them to my etsy shop.
I think I have made 10 of them, just having fun. Well, of course my littles wanted one too. I let them pick out the fabrics and made one for each of them.

Only his mouse 'needed' a cornfield to live in. With a cow and tractors, naturally.
 He's so proud of his cornfield. I'm pretty sure we are never, ever going to be able to throw it away.
 It's important stuff, you know. Because mice do like to live in fields of corn.
 He told her all about it, and informed her it's for his mouse only. Oh the life of a little sister.
 No worries, she created her own playset for her mouse. I'd get a picture with her in it, but she doesn't sit still long enough.

These little mice have encouraged hours of pretend play.  Creative, imaginative play. Really, it's the best kind.



  1. I just love how your kids use their imagination, instead of something plugged in. Kudos to you and hubby!

  2. Yes, of course mice live in cornfields! Lol. The mouse sets are very cute!



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