There's still snow, yes.  But, the amazing happens when the sun starts to shine. This three season porch heats up to very comfortable temperatures (which is why it serves as an excellent greenhouse). During the winter, it's below freezing out there. Now? It's the warmest room in the house.

As the seasons change, so does our rhythm. Wood stove fires are less frequent and we're not in a hurry to catch it before it peters out.  We're not spending our leisure time huddled around the fire, wrapped in wool.  Notebooks and markers aren't right next to the fire, nor are tractors zooming back and forth just beyond the hearth.  Instead, the hub of the household is heading back to this porch. 

I do love the changes in our rhythm that the seasons allow.  It's like a new birth, new beginning, new dreams sparked and excitement brewing.  I do love to get inspired and the weather change does just that for me.

So, as our family and our company sat on the porch for the first time this season, enjoying a meal together, we found ourselves talking about and dreaming about what's next. Bees? Campfire pit with benches? Camping parties? More farm time story times? Cows? (Oh, he wishes!). Of course this Bed and Breakfast. The gardens. The projects. The memories to come.  And the food. Oh, yes. The food.  (Vegan goodness below...mmm).

There's so much goodness to come this spring. So much that I'm actually taking a day off this week from my day job to get the goodness started. It's time to celebrate Spring! What are you planning?


  1. I love the rhythm of the seasons too. I am planning the garden. I have been planting the cold crops and planting seeds indoors. I am looking forward to fresh vegetables on the table!

  2. Sounds like so many good things coming your way. You're making it happen, with dreams and hard work. The seasonal way of life appeals to me more and more-especially after reading your posts about it.
    Can't wait to see what the next chapter is!



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