It always happens with these longer days. I look at the clock and it's an hour or two later than I thought it was. I think of that which I was planning to make and panic. Yikes!  All that prep work and dinner is only 15 minutes away!

And then, sweet girl comes in and says "Mama, I help you".

Whenever I am not rushed, I always say "sure". But, you know, at this moment, I didn't have the extra time (or patience!) to have a two year old helper. 

She wanted to keep an eye on those onions that were caramelizing.

I initially went to say no, but then stopped. "Audra, what are the safety rules with cooking on the stovetop?"  Her answer indicated she was well aware of how to keep safe.

I parked my cutting board with the veggies right next to her, watched like a hawk and chopped while she safely stirred the onions.

It was then that I thought how worth it is, keeping them involved in the kitchen. She has cooked with me every day her whole life and has already learned so much. Yes it took me longer some days, but dinner was still consumed.  And this particular day? Dinner wasn't as late as I expected it to be. Her assistance was actually really helpful.
(Please note...I wouldn't say most kids her age are ready for this...but there just might be something in the kitchen that they are ready to learn along side of you.)


  1. Oh, I love it! She looks so proud to be your sous chef! I'll bet it made supper even yummier!



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